January 19
“U.S. Russia in the Heartland”
Thomas Leary, Consul General in St. Petersburg; Richard Woodhouse, GSO Specialist at the St. Petersburg consulate

January 25
"The Political Geography of New Religious Sites in Moscow Neighborhoods"
Meagan Todd, RSW Post-Doctoral Fellow

January 29
Ostrom Workshop Colloquium Series
“Well-oiled Cultural Politics in the Altai Region: Promoting Indigenous Heritage in Gazprom’s Resource Colonies”
Gertjan Plets, Anthropologist at Utrecht University

January 31
“Post-Conflict Cultural Diplomacy and the Russian Federation”
Gertjan Plets, Anthropologist at Utrecht University

January 31
REEI Series: О России по-русски
"Russia's 'Monument Fever'"
Maria Lipman, SGIS visiting scholar


February 5
“Queer Harlem, Queer Tashkent: Langston Hughes’s Boy Dancers of Uzbekistan”
Jennifer Wilson, Post-doctoral fellow at University of Pennsylvania

February 6
“Russia in the Alt-right Imaginary”
Jennifer Wilson, Post-doctoral fellow at University of Pennsylvania

February 22
“Ordinary Jews: Choice and Survival During the Holocaust”
Evgeny Holland, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University


March 1
“To the Golden Abode: Kalmyk Buddhism in History, Minority, and Diaspora”
Ted Holland, political geographer

March 22
“Institutional decay under autocracy: evidence from business-state relations in Russia"
Ivan Grigorev, RSW post-doctoral scholar; Kirill Zhirkov, PhD student at the University of Michigan

March 28
“People's Movement in Support of the State: Pensioners' Organizations in Russia"
Natalia Forrat, post-doctoral scholar at Notre Dame

March 28
"Geographies of Islam in Russia"
Meagan Todd, RSW post-doctoral scholar

March 29
“U.S.-Global Russia.”
Moderator: Lee Feinstein, Dean of SGIS
Panelists: James Collins, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation; Andrew Kuchins, Georgetown University; Maria Lipman, SGIS visiting scholar; Celeste Wallander, President & CEO, U.S.-Russia Foundation

March 29
“Russia's Most Powerful Pussy Riot: The February Revolution of 1917"
Screening of Left on Pearl (2016)
Rochelle Ruthchild, Resident Scholar at the Women’s Research Center at Brandeis University

March 30
Human Rights Workshop
Presentation on "Human Rights Justice in Hybrid Regimes: Enforced Disappearances and Torture in the Russian Federation.”


April 2
“Making the Case for Policy Relevance in Funding Proposals across the Social Sciences and Humanities”
Michael Kimmage, History at the Catholic University of America- History

April 2
“Russian Presidential Election: Results preordained, future uncertain”
Panelists: Regina Smyth, Political Science at Indiana University; Maria Lipman, Visiting Scholar at SGIS; Michael Kimmage, History at the Catholic University of America- History; and Nikolai Petrov, Political Analyst of Russian Elections

April 4
“Coping with Uncertainty: Petty Traders in Post-Soviet Russia”
Kamil Wielecki, Fulbright Visiting Professor at Wagner College

April 6
“The Global Informality Project”
Alena Ledeneva, Professor of Politics and Society at University College London

April 10
"From Siberia Speaks the World: Ethnographic Insights in Times of Change"
Susie Crate, Professor of Anthropology at George Mason University

April 11
“Creating the Image of Russia: Language, Ideology and Political Propaganda​ in Eighteenth Century Europe”
Dr. Vladislav Rjeoutsky, German Historical Institute of Moscow

April 11
"'Death to the Old Law and its Old Servants': Soviet Law, Canon Law, and the Trials of Orthodox Clergymen in Soviet Russia, 1922-1923"
Francesca Silano, RSW post-doctoral scholar

April 12
“The Art of Spiritual Warfare: Secularization Bolshevik Style in Revolutionary Russia”
Vera Shevzov, Professor of Religion at Smith College

April 13
“China, Russia, and the World: Focus on the Middle East”
Panelists: Sharyl Cross, St. Edwards University; Shaojin Chai, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Development, UAE; and Kyle Haddad-Fonda, Nicholas Sparks Foundation

April 13
"Satire and Anti-Satire in Caucasus Historiographies"
Bruce Grant, New York University

April 16
REEI Series: О России по-русски
"Языки российской дипломатии в 18 - первой половине 19 вв." (" The Languages of Russian Diplomacy in the Eighteenth -- First Half of the Nineteenth Century")
Vladislav Rjeoutsky, German Historical Institute in Moscow

April 18
“Nature Versus Nurture: A Comparison of Russian Law Graduates Destined for State Service and For Private Practice”
Professor Kathryn Hendley, University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School

April 19
“National or European Politicians? Gauging MEPs Polarity When Russia is Concerned" (coauthors: Aleksandra Khokhlova, National Research Univeristy Higher School of Economics, St. Retersburg, Russia, and Dmitriy Skougarevskiy, European University at St. Petersburg, Russia)
Anna A. Dekalchuk, RSW post-doctoral scholar