CD Rom Materials

CD Rom materials

Attractive History of Lithuania (ATT)
2007, 803 min. English. Produced by the Vilnius Pedagogical University & Vilnius Art Academy. A series of CD-ROM that explain the political, social, and art history of Lithuania through short lectures full of pictures. CD I: (228 min.) The political history of Lithuania from Lithuania’s foundation on July 6, 1253 to its restored independence in 1991 is explained in 30 stories. CD II: (203 min.) This CD examines the development of art in Lithuania from prehistoric times to postmodernism after 1990 in 24 short stories. CD III: (372 min.) The 35 stories represent four aspects of Lithuanian social history: the organization of society on the cultural, ethnic, and territorial basis; governance and self-governance; religion and self-expression; and countries and nations in Lithuanian history. Located with REEI Video Collection.

Thaw Cinema (Interactive CD-ROM)
(Russia) Thaw Cinema includes entries on over 300 feature films of the period, with 2000 illustrations and photographs, 70 production sketches, 17 video fragments, 130 cinema illustrations, excerpts from the memoirs of the film crew, periodical reviews of the period, and a comprehensive overview article by Evgenii Margolit of NII Kinoiskusstvo (Moscow). It was produced by Marina Trush, TEFI-awardee for her documentary work with Naum Kleiman (Master's Home on Sergei Eisenstein).