About Bloomington

Diversity, inclusion, + cultural resources

Indiana University is unwavering in its commitment to create safe and welcoming learning environments that advocate access, diversity, equity, inclusion, and community for all. Learn more about campus cultural centers and institutes through the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs.


A variety of housing options, both on and off campus, are available in Bloomington. Students interested in living on campus should call, write or visit Residential Programs and Services. There is a great demand for campus housing. If you want to live in the dormitories or campus apartments, it is recommended that you apply as early as possible. The advantages of on campus housing include a direct connection to the Internet through the university network and free university cable television. Most utilities are also included in the price of rent.

Students interested in living off campus are advised to visit Bloomington personally to find accommodations. For fall leasing it is best to search during late spring. The university owns a number of off campus properties, but the availability of these for fall is usually unknown until late April or early May. For more details visit Residential Programs and Services, Indiana University Real Estate or the Bloomington Herald-Times.

The surrounding terrain

Bloomington is bordered by Yellowwood State Forest, Brown Country State Park, and Hoosier National Forest and is within a few miles’ drive of three lakes, one of which is the largest in Indiana. Together, these resources provide almost unlimited recreational opportunities for Bloomington residents.

Finally, if you have time for a weekend getaway, Bloomington is not far from Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Chicago. An amenable haven for student life, it is surrounded by many exciting Midwestern cities.