Outreach & Resources

Outreach & Resources

REEI was founded in 1958 as a national center for language training and interdisciplinary studies. It has been designated one of sixteen U.S. Department of Education-funded Title VI National Resource/FLAS Centers for Russia and Eastern Europe for the 2018-2021 grant period. In addition to offering a broad curriculum of courses and sponsoring guest lectures by leading scholars and policy makers on campus, the institute maintains an active outreach program that serves K-12 schools, colleges, businesses, government, community organizations, and the general public.

The REEI outreach program includes not only an audiovisual lending library, but also a biannual newsletter, workshops and conferences, several lecture series (including one exclusively in Russian), new curriculum materials, and a range of informational services for business, government, and civic organizations.

For more information regarding our newsletter and current events, see the News + Events section of our website.

Please contact Mark Trotter for further information about the Russian and East European Institute or any of its outreach programs:

Mark Trotter
Outreach Coordinator
(812) 855-7309
Fax: (812) 855-6411

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