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The Russian and East European Institute at Indiana University is home to area studies scholars across disciplines who are leaders in their respective fields. These scholars teach courses on a variety of topics that help prepare our undergraduates to be future global leaders.

Course offerings vary by semester but students can select from dozens of courses with a concentration on Russian and East European studies each term.

Russian Queer Politics and Gender Outlaws

REEI-R 300

The course focuses on exploring the “other,” “non-western” approach to defining queer politics and de-constructing gender order. We will examine the historical and political paths taken by Russian LGBTIQ individuals in their search for identity, attempts to seize the political momentum to claim the public space, and struggle to survive after democratic illusions had vanished in the hallways of the State authoritarian machine.

History of International Politics from Napoleon to Hitler

CEUS-R 399

This course will survey the history of international relations from the optimistic Congress of Vienna to the Second World War.

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