REEI Minor & Language Certificate

REEI minor with a language certificate

Otherwise identical to the REEI minor (available to any student with an interest in Russian and Eastern European studies), this minor has the added benefit of awarding you a language certificate.

Language certification requires 6 credit hours beyond the 1st year level of an approved language, or demonstrated equivalent knowledge. You must earn at least a B in your language courses, which are in addition to the minor’s required 15 credit hours in area-related College of Arts and Sciences coursework.

Your 15 credit hours are selected from each of the following distributions, with at least 3 credit hours from each category:

  • Social Science
  • Historical/Geographical
  • Literature and Culture

At least 9 credit hours in the minor must be at the 300 level or above. The REEI advisor can help you select these classes. Courses must be passed with a minimum of a B average and be area-related.

To explore this option, make an appointment with the REEI undergraduate advisor. You can discuss your goals and explore particular options for completing the minor and balancing coursework in relation to your major requirements.

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