Study Abroad

Explore the world

When you pursue a degree with REEI, you will have many opportunities to explore your options for overseas study. We encourage our students to travel to regions of interest—to engage in coursework, deepen their knowledge base, fulfill an internship, and make valuable life and career connections.

Many of our students come from other parts of the world. The connections you make on the IU campus also enrich your understanding of the cultures of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Overseas studies opportunities

IU strongly encourages undergraduates to study abroad. To help make this happen, the university actively pursues exchange relationships with foreign institutions. It also provides numerous avenues for funding and other support.

The REEI undergraduate advisor is available to assist students in locating and arranging study abroad programs, including arranging IU credit for experiences at other institutions. Opportunities for financial support for study abroad include the Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship, Hutton Honors College International Experiences, HLS undergraduate scholarships, and federal financial aid.


We also encourage students to serve internships either domestically or abroad during their course of study. Internships extend classroom learning while providing valuable experience in the workplace. REEI maintains extensive files on internship opportunities, and the REEI undergraduate advisor provides personal assistance in locating and designing internships to meet specific student needs.