Maps & Posters

Maps & Posters

Arab World Almanac: 1993. Published by AMIDEAST as an aid to teachers of the Arab world, this edition covers topics of Women and the Family in the Arab World; Central Asia, Past and Present; and Goverment and Democracy in the Arab World.

Atlas of Russian History. By Martin Gilbert. In this unusual volume, 161 detailed black-and-white maps bring key events spanning more than 2000 years in Russian history into sharp focus. Each map is accompanied by a short but insightful paragraph of important historical background and interpretation. Grades 9 and up. Oxford, 1993, 196 pp.

Classroom Atlas: 1994 Edition. Published by Rand McNally. Completely revised and accurate as of 1994.

Commonwealth of Independent States. Folded general map with political divisions. Index of places and names. Published by Hallwag for 1993/94.

Geographic and Global Issues. Spring 1994 Issue, volume 4, number 1. Contains a special map insert of the Caucusus region.

Kazimir Malevich: A Box. 1990. This set contains a postcard retrospective of 32 images spanning the Soviet artist's entire career; a poster of The Carpenter; six color slides of his work; an essay on Malevich's art and its origins; and an edited translation of On New Systems in Art.

Malii Atlas Mira. Produced in 1965, this is a world atlas written in Russian.

Mapping Europe. (MAP2) Published by the Stanford Institute for International Studies, 2004. Contrast the Europe of 1989 with the Europe of 2004. Six lessons focus on political (and ethnic) geography then and now, Europe's climate and physical features, and the development of the European Union. Grades 6-10. Includes transparencies.

Mapping Russia: Geography and Cultural Diversity. (MAP) Published by the Stanford Institute for International Studies, 2001. The main goal of this unit is to introduce students to the geographic, political, and cultural diversity of the peoples and territory of the Russian Federation. The unit highlights the main geographic regions of this vast country: the North Caucasus, Siberia, and the Far East. (2 copies)

The Material World: Families Around the World. Russia and Albania (Grades 3-12). A large poster (17x22) of a family and all their material belongings placed outside their home.

The Newberry Library Slide Set Number 27

  • The Ottoman Presence in Southeastern Europe 16th to 19th centuries: A View In Maps. Published by the Cartography and History Summer Institute at the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography, this collection of slides and commentary examines the changing nature of the Ottoman Empire's presence in the Balkan region of Europe. The maps contained in this collection show that, while European mastery of the region only began at the start of the eighteenth century, by the nineteenth century, the Ottoman threat had greatly diminished.

Newsweek Maps

  • Eastern Europe: Satellites in Orbit. This wall map highlights Warsaw Pact countries that renounced communism during 1989. A time-line presents a history of Eastern Europe's long struggle for independence, and charts and graphs illustrate the economic challenges facing the region.
  • The Role of the United Nations in a Changing World Order. This map displays the countries of the world with the members of the U.N. Security Council and the 18 current U.N. peacekeeping missions highlighted. Inset maps of Bosnia, Somalia and the Middle East show different stages in the conflicts in each region.
  • The Second Russian Revolution. The republics of the old Soviet Union are displayed, including the placement of various military installations throughout the country; smaller inset maps indicate the boundaries of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in 1877, 1914, 1921, and 1986. Also included are key facts about each of the 15 republics and a time line with important events in Soviet history from 1918 to 1991.

Penguin Historical Atlas of Russia. By John Channon and Rob Hudson, 1995, 144 pp. Through the use of maps and timelines, this text briefly describes the history of Russia from its very origins to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Peoples and Churches of the USSR. Produced in 1978 this foldable map of the USSR shows the location of the most significant churches in the Soviet Union.

Poster Education: Prague, Czech Republic. 1997. Introduction to Eastern Europe using Prague as a case study.

Poster Education: Timeline of Russian History: From 1156 A.D. to the 1990s. 1996. Includes suggested activities for introducing students to the history of Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Poster Series of Leaders of the Soviet Union. This collection consists of seven posters, each depicting one of the leaders of the Soviet Union (from V.I. Lenin to Mikhail Gorbachev), dates of birth and death, and terms of office.

Russia and the Post-Soviet Republics. 1992. Laminated roll-up map of administrative and territorial divisions of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Approximately 40" x 26".

Ukraine. 1992. Laminated roll-up map in Ukrainian. Approximately 20" x 30".

Warszawa: City Guide. A Polish map of Warsaw.

100 Photos. 1978. Series of 8" x 10" photographs of the Soviet Union with accompanying text.