Music CDs

Music CDs

101 Best Songs for Children, vol. 1 (101)
Songs from soundtracks produced by the animation studio Soiuzmul'tfil'm. This first CD contains 32 of the 101 title songs.

Amasong. Laulu Voim: The Power of Song (AMA)
Women’s voices sing music from 14 countries in 23 languages. Selections include Estonian folk songs, a lament from Afghanistan, a Quaker hymn, a Sephardic lullaby, and more.

Albanie (ALB)
This CD features polyphony music from the Lab and Tosk regions of Albania.

Brother 1: Music for the Film [Brat 1: Muzyka k Fil'mu](BRA1/CD)
2000, 55 min. Music from the motion picture Brother 1. DANA Music.

Brother 2: Music for the Film [Brat 2: Muzyka k fil'mu] (BRA2/CD)
2000, 56 min. The motion picture soundtrack for the film Brother 2, features music from Agata Kristi, BI-2, Biacheslav Butusov, Splin, Smyslovye Galliutsinatsii, Vadim Cmoilov, Masha I Medvedi, Auktsyon, La-Mansh, Krematorii, Zemfira, Tantsi Minus, Chicherina, Okean El'zi, and Detskii Khor. Real Records.

Bosnia (BOSN)
1993, this CD features the music and chants of Bosnian Muslims. The recordings were made before the war in the Balkans and were made from commercial and field recordings.

Bulat Okudzhava: Stars of the Russian Variety, Star Series [Bulat Okudzhava: Zvezdi Rossiiskoi Estradi, Zvezdnaia Seriia] (BULAT)
2001, 73 min. 29 songs. Star Records.

Bulat Okudzhava: The Best Songs [Bulat Okudzhava: Luchshie Pesni] (BULA)
1998, 124 min. Two Discs. Zip Records.

Children’s Songs (CHIL)
2011, 300 min. A collection of 180 popular children’s songs including: Let there Always be Sun (“Pust’ vsegda budet solntse”), Blue Boxcar (“Goluboi vagon”), Two Cheerful Geese (“Dva vesiolykh gusia”), Neznaika’s Song (“Pesenka Neznaiki”), Rabbit’s Song (“Pesenka Zaitsa”) and many others.

Constantin Moscovici: The Most Beautiful Thoughts [Costantin Moscovici: Cele Mai Frumoase Ginduri] (CON)
2005, 66 min. 16 songs. ACON Records.

The Earth Belongs to Us (EAR/CD)
Czech and revolutionary songs recorded by Czech Radio from 1954-1985.

Echa Ojczyzny (ECH)
1991, old Polish popular folk and army songs. Sung by Zofia Wilma-Bagniuk.

Favorite Songs from Cartoons (CAR)
2011, 100 min. A collection of popular songs from Soviet cartoons including Antoshka, Blue Boxcar (“Goluboi vagon”), Two Cheerful Geese (“Dva vesiolykh gusia”), Vinni-Pukh’s Song (“Pesenka Vinni-Pukha”), Cheburashka’s Song (“Pesenka Cheburashki”) and many others.

The Golden Age of the Russian Guitar: Oleg Timofeyev Russian Seven-String Guitar (GOL)
This CD features Russian seven-string guitar music from the 19th century. The pieces included represent the individual styles of eleven composers.

Kitka – Nectar (KIT)
Kitka’s CD features eighteen Balkan and Slavic folk songs sung with soulful abandon. Contains songs from Bulgaria, Russia, Hungary, and Georgia including “Dumaj Zlato,” “Shto Mi E Milo,” “Lulay Lulay,” and “Hopp Ide Tisztan.”

Liberation of Auschwitz: 65th Anniversary – January 27, 2010 (AUSC)
2010. Concentration camp survivors and world leaders from many countries assembled on January 27, 2010 to mark the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps. Led by Holocaust survivor Eva Kor, WFIU News Director Stan Jastrzebski traveled to Poland with staff from the Terre Haute CANDLES Holocaust Museum and a group of over 50 individuals to participate in the occasion.

In addition to Mr. Jastrzebski and Ms. Kor, attendees included students and teachers from Bloomington’s Batchelor Middle School, teachers from Terre Haute schools, Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett, and interested people from across the country. This CD contains the three stories reported by WFIU News Director Jastrzebski while in Poland as well as a collection of photos documenting the experience.

“Remembering Not to Forget”
“Teens Look at a History of Horror”
“Terre Haute Mayor Seeks New Strategies from Krakow Officials”
More information at

Loyko: Road of the Gypsies (LOY)
Playing time: 53:07, 1994. This CD features the music of Russian gypsies.

Mi Smo Sokci (MI)
CD of Croatian folk songs performed by the group Veritas.

National Anthems of the USSR and the Union Republics (NAT/CD)
Authentic sounds of the Soviet Union. Includes all 15 republic national anthems.

Pesni Lyubimyh Kinofil’mov (Songs from Favorite Films) (PES)
CD in mp3 format. This CD is a compilation of over 100 songs from such renowned Russian films as: Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!, The Cruel Romance, The Diamond Arm (all by E. Ryazanov), Spring on Zarechnaya Street (M. Khutziev), etc.

Reelroad – Guliaiu, guliaiu (I get around) (GUL)
The third album released by this Saint Petersburg-based band which performed in Bloomington during the 2008 Lotus Festival. More information is available on Reelroad's website,

Epika Romani Novele, Klasici Hrvatske Knjizevnosti (EPI)
These two CDs present collection of well-known Croatian Romantic novels.

Russia’s Beautiful Religious Songs (RUSB)
1996. Total running time 70 min. A collection of liturgical Russian music from the 15th-20th centuries. In the orthodox tradition, the only music used as part of the church service is the human voice; this collection of enchanting plainsong reflects that rich tradition.

Trip Wave (TRIP)
2011, 60 min. Music CD. A retrospective collection of Russian psychedelic progressive music.

The Voice of Russian Orthodoxy (VOI)
The music featured on this CD includes the choir of Moscow's Danilov Monastary.

Yougoslavie (YOU)

A collection of Serbian folk songs.